Error Notes-Sequential Multiple Errors with Foldover

Error Notes

Error notes are highly sought after by most US paper currency collectors. Most collectors of rare paper money regard US currency misprints as the rarest of all collectible paper money. The rarity of these notes come from the process the Treasury department uses to print and control the quality of the money it provides as currency. United States paper money is printed in three stages back, front, serial numbers and Treasury seal. Even numbers and odd numbers are separate and then combined after the final stage of printing making sequential error notes especially rare.

Types of Error Notes

Some types of errors on paper currency are cutting errors, folding errors, overprinting, mismatched denominations, missing serial numbers, non matching serial numbers, no Treasury seal, light or no ink prints, torn prints, print throughs, and voids. As with all things collectible and especially with curreny and coins grade is a major issue. The higher the grade the more value the item can have. Most forms of misprinted money get recognized after being in circulation for a period of time and the grade is compromised.

Sequential Error Notes

There is only one chance in history to get sequential notes and that is when they come directly from the Treasury’s printing press, and have yet to be circulated.Gold Silver and Coin is proud to offer these exceptional error notes. The rarity of the multiple errors on each note is incredible, but the real rarity is in the fact that these are sequential error notes.

Details of these Error Notes

These error notes are of crisp premium uncirculated Gem quality which makes them even more rare, and highly collectible. The errors on these notes are 2nd stage fold over, making a void of no printing under the fold, butterfly fold out (cutting error), 2nd stage overprint (front printed over the back), third stage over print serial number digits are printed on fold over. The fact that these are sequential is amazing and very very rare. The same error happened to the even plate as it was loaded, then the odd plate as it was loaded. Amazingly they passed the quality control department in the mint another very rare attribute. These notes are special and of the highest uncirculated quality.
Please click on the above link to view the error notes. These notes have been graded by PCGS and will auctioned at the next Heritage Auctions Currency Auction.
One Dollar Error Notes Sequential ObverseOne Dollar Error Notes Sequential Reverse
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Collecting Morgan Dollars

About Morgan Dollars

Collecting Morgan dollars (1878 thru 1921) is one of the most popular and obtainable in the silver dollar series. Most of the series would be still considered affordable in higher grades. There are many common dates available in mint state condition for well under a hundred dollars.The large diameter (38.1 millimeters, 1.5 inches) and slightly over three quarters of an ounce of pure silver makes it appealing to collectors from novice to expert. Grading Morgan dollars can be a challenge to most collectors and coin enthusiasts. Many slight design changes have occurred over the years as well as over 2000 different die varieties exist. Morgan dollars have large devises (focal design) and large fields (area around design) so wear is easily detectable.

Morgan Dollars Reverse

Morgan Dollars Reverse

Morgan Dollars-Obverse

Morgan Dollars-Obverse

Morgan Dollars Circulation

Circulation strikes and proof strikes are easily discerned. Circulation strikes having average luster and non mirror like fields while proof strikes have frosty luster and mirror like fields. Proof coins also have 179 reeded edge points while circulation strikes have more or less dependent on year.  Most circulated Morgan dollars are well worn and are only worth silver melt value. Uncirculated Morgan dollars are worth a slight premium over silver melt value.

Morgan Dollars Grading

Morgan dollars that have been graded by a grading company can carry the most value. Since Morgan dollars were minted in all five US Mints Morgan dollars can be found with a variety of mintmarks some demanding high premiums. There are several Morgan dollars that even at low grades are worth several hundred to several thousand dollars each. The collector has a lot of ways to collect the Morgan dollars: key dates, varieties, series, mint etc…  One thing to beware of  is the issue of counterfeit coins. Most counterfeits are not made of silver and do not weigh 26.7 grams. Some have design high spots, gouges, and small impressions that give them away it is always best to buy your coins from a reputable dealer.

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